Our Vision

To serve the cause of education and, to that end prepare high quality teachers in different fields of education, teacher educators, specialists and professionals equipped with necessary knowledge, abilities and skills to effectively operate in an evolving global environment by integrating research, emerging pedagogies and technologies, creativity, values, ethics and professional practices.

Teaching is a pious activity & has been enjoying a place of high prestige in Indian Culture since the dawn of human civilization. India is regarded as Land of Teachers since, acquisition & dissemination of knowledge has been an integral part of our culture for centuries. It has been universally recognized that teaching undoubtedly performs a crucial social function.Education is an important social phenomenon both in developed and developing societies and Teaching is an inseparable component of the process of Education.

Our Mission
  • To ensure that Scholars College Of Education and its associated institutions function as leading institutions for preparing high quality specialists and professionals in the field of education and allied areas by providing facilities and institutional environment congruent with global trends based on excellence, experimentation, research, self-reliance, collaboration, extension and service to the society.

Our Objectives
  1. To promote high standards of professional education in students so that they can use their potential to play a critical role in shaping the texture of society & nation as well.
  2. Fostering innovative, responsible & systematic integration of technology in education along with humanistic skills.
  3. Develop a good understnding, knowledge & technical skills to enable students to measure & manage performance in their concerned organizations.
  4. Develop skills for logistic development of learner.
  5. Develop skills in all the functional area of education & management by providing multiple opportunities for experience based learning.
  6. Provide such education that will influence thinking and achievements at that work place.
  7. Develop good conceptual understanding of contemporary skills & their application.
  8. Give an insight into the financial aspects of a business operation.
  9. Develop key management & tutorial skills.
  10. Build necessary skills functional knowledge & attitude to enable students for smooth working in any environment.