Scholars Educational Solutions Pvt Ltd

Scholars College of Education(Haryana) is run by the "Scholars Educational Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Trust". The Managing Director(MD) of the Trust is Dr. Rajeev Kumar.

Director's Message
Dr. Rajeev Kumar
Dr. Rajeev Kumar
Managing Director

When I thought to establish an institute to impart and donate education for those who have attachment not only to enter into the brook of knowledge but also to create vast ocean for the welfare of needy children, have faced a series of hurdles and obstacles. What a climax I got, even I can not imagine in my dream that through institution, I have helped those who wanted to be helped. My mission is to visualize those dream into reality, who even do not think even to go a step ahead. "What is impossible is the mission of the Scholars to change and transform into possible". Last but not the least I can conclude that it is not the ending of my path but it's a beginning of brook to meet into the river, river into the ocean.

"Loving a child does not mean giving in to all his whims ......... to love him is to bring out the best in him, to teach him to love what is difficult".

This is what me ........... Believes that are child should not run from the difficulties rather he/she should be bold Enough to face all the difficulties . So, Here we are to remove all the worries and difficulties of your child by our advance technologies. Till today I have deal with crore of children and I have reached to the conclusion.

Which says that:-
"Each child is unique, like a snowflake and exquisitely beautiful in their own way. The only thing required is to understand them and to explore their talent".

The institution run under Scholars Educational Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Trust