Scholars Educational Foundation

"Scholars Educational Foundation" has founded with a vision to provide education to children, to develop right attitudes without which an individual can neither actualise his true potential nor contribute meaningfully to the society. The trust is committed to the cause of serving the society and the nation at large.

Scholars Valley in Vasundhara and Scholars Valley in Indirapuram are run by the "Scholars Educational Foundation". The Chairman & Founder of Scholars Educational Foundation is Shri. K.C.Jha.

Chairman's Message
Shri. K.C.Jha
Chairman & Founder

The Scholars Education Society is an esteemed as well as unchallengeable adobe of education. It has not earned story of success but it has proved with fathomless aplomb "How can a student score not only heighest marks in a particular subject but also he/she can complete in any test/examination/competition".

"A child mind is like a garden, tend it well by filling it with Encouraging, faith building thought throughout the day & throughout his/her life".

We impart the best in education coupled with development of values and personality traits that breed achievers. Our pedagogy, curriculum and infrastructure are carefully designed to develop thinking skills, such as logic & reasoning, and creativity in all our children, while they retain the simple joy of coming to school every day.

We believe that teaching in their formative years calls for immense sensitivity so that the nurturing inputs of learning are absorbed by each child. Our sense of fulfillment comes when the learning from each programme transcend awareness to full realization in the child. Our fervent endeavor is to ensure that each student is endowed with the qualities and traits that are the hallmark of our every student – Confidence, Competence, Courage, Courtesy, Creativity, Compassion and Commitment. That's our way of taking learning beyond.

Good thoughts can be build only when right path of education is shown to the child. Most of the children despite of having so good intellectual skill can not reach to that level where they want to because of lack of proper education. So, do visit us if you want your child to reach the sky of glory.

Institutions run under Scholars Educational Foundation