Mata Mankamna Poorti Trust

Babita Jha
Babita Jha

Mata Mankamna Poorti Trust has been actively providing free food to people belonging to low socio economic status.

The trust has been organizing Bhandara for needy people.

Mata Mankamna Poorti Trust also arranges marriages of the poor and helpless spinsters, by provinding funds and other help to them, just like arranging foods for the guests, and creating shelter home for these purpose.

The marriage is part of the social agenda of human life, but in poor families the parents are not able to afford the escalating marriage expenses. The main objective of the trust is to help economically poor parents in getting their daughters married.

In this present scenario where the marriage has become an expensive occasion, there is no doubt that we would bring a new ray of hope and prove to be a helping hand for deprived and downtrodden families who are struggling to meet the marriage expenses of their daughters.

The Chairperson & Founder of the Trust is Babita Jha.