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    Bachelor Degree of Education- Invest in Better Future

  • BBachelors of Education (B.Ed) is one of the most preferred undergraduate course in India. The course is designed for those particular aspirants who are interested in pursuing a career in teaching and other fields related to teaching. Read More....
    Scholars Valley School- A Good Option For Your Child

    What is Play School Education?

    PPlayschool, as we all know, is a part of Preschool education. But if you think, it is the playground for your child, then it is not completely true. To your interest, it is a place where tiny kids get the opportunity to learn in a lot interesting and playful manner. In play school, your child gets to Read More....
    Benefits of Orientation Programme for B.Ed students

    FFor many students, taking admission in college can leads to anxiety as there are lots of factors and things that keep running in their mind. They keep wondering what their majors will be, how will they find the classes or if they will make friends at the college or not. This is when the orientation programme comes into play. Read More....