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    Benefits of Orientation Programme for B.Ed students

  • FFor many students, taking admission in college can leads to anxiety as there are lots of factors and things that keep running in their mind. They keep wondering what their majors will be, how will they find the classes or if they will make friends at the college or not. This is when the orientation programme comes into play.

    In the orientation programme, students are generally given an overview of the university, university life, curriculum, academics as well as social activities through orientation programs.

    There are three major objectives of conducting orientation program:

    • ▪ Introducing students to college and its life, rules, and regulations.
    • ▪ Making students comfortable with their new surroundings
    • ▪ Providing students the chance to make friends and associate with fellow students

    Through the orientation programme, students get to know all the advantages of studying in the new institution. They get a chance to know about the opportunities they will get to explore during their college duration. Students also get to know about the multiple student organizations, which they can join and participate in.

    Orientation programme is also important because if students do not get socially integrated within the college in their initial days of joining, chances are that they might not stay at the institution to finish the course they have opted for.

    Also, if you are wondering when these orientation programs begin then these programs start before the classes, so it is really vital for students to enroll themselves in the orientation.

    For those students who want to make their career in academics or teaching background, attending an orientation programme is really important. B.Ed orientation programmes give you an insight into the college, academics, curriculum, life in the campus, future job opportunities etc.

    If you are someone who wants to pursue a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) in Poorniya, then Scholars Group of Education is conducting a free orientation programme in Poorniya on 17th March.

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