Scholars Group Of Education

It was a small step taken 15 years ago. Scholars have become the talk of the city of patna which was once recognized only as an 'training hub' in delhi. Just a little over a decade down the line and we are now Group Of Educational Institutions. The Institution has not only spread its wings and attracted students from across the country but has been responsible in a big way to give Patna the prestigious banner of being an 'educational hub'. Leaps and bounds is not what we talk of, we have our horizons which are literally speaking unlimited. Our name has spread globally and today. When quality second to none seems to be the motto of the Scholars Group Of Education, the faculty members who form an integral part of the family, have to keep abreast and up-date themselves with knowledge where learning never ends.

Know Us
  • An institution is the sculptor who can create the person you want to be. Our planning to create a person is supported by strategic vision, high mission and active creativity for achievement of goals. Knowledge is one aspect of 'wealth' and the other important aspect of 'wealth' which Scholars emphasizes very strongly on is the good health. Health and fitness go hand in hand, and the focus of the management on the importance on the sports is visible in the huge infrastructure which has been created for those whom sports is a passion. The management has gone all out to create facilities which are probably one of the best in north India and it will not be an exaggeration to say that the Scholars campus boasts of sports facilities compared to the best in the country.
    The attitude and interest of our management in promoting excellence in Teacher Education is reflected. We do have well-furnished classrooms, Multipurpose Hall and provisions for both indoor and outdoor games to bring out all round development for future teachers. We Have College Association, PTA & Alumni Associations. The Alumni have registered 100% passes with many University Ranks for the past years.